Who We Are

At the Ad Astra Center for Science Fiction & the Speculative Imagination, we are:

  • Educators and practitioners¬†of science fiction, a unique genre of storytelling that allows both writers and readers to explore new realities, address difficult questions about humanity, and understand the current world with greater nuance.
  • Creators of speculative literature, with a strong drive to explore the genre by writing it, and to help other do the same by offering ¬†coursework, workshops, and writing programs in the university and in the speculative-fiction field.
  • Fans and champions of the genre, believing that science fiction and speculative literature can be enjoyed at any level and still have the potential to change the world.
  • Organizers, with regular conferences and events planned around science and speculative fiction, bringing together many voices under one roof to promote, analyze, and celebrate our field.

Our Staff

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty of the Ad Astra Center for Science Fiction and Speculative Imagination work in many disciplines across the University of Kansas. However, their area of research and their motivations align, intersect, or otherwise complement the work of our center.

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